Love Life,
Love Learning,
Grow in Faith.

Imagine a special place for us to explore ourselves and the world that we live in. A school in which all the adults want everybody to recognise that they are unique, special and blessed with many gifts and want everybody to do their best.

Sense the buzz of excitement as we learn, share, are challenged and as we succeed. Listen to our laughter and our voices as we care for, help and praise one another. Walk around and see lots of different activities that involve our school family, our church and people from our community. Watch us play, sing, dance, paint, throw, investigate, reflect, solve, read, compose, discuss and explore.

Experience our creative school enhanced by the latest technology.

Enjoy the energy with which we work in pairs, teams and alone. Experience the infectious spirit and excitement as we discover, understand and grow – always wanting to learn more. Look at how well we communicate and tackle problems. Notice how we become more independent, have our own ideas, make our own decisions and have the confidence to take risks. Be enthused as we learn all about ourselves and the world around us. Marvel at our achievements. Feel the warmth of God’s love and the presence of God’s spirit in all that we do – big and small.

This is our school: A place where everyone is special; a place to encounter God; a celebration of life and learning and a centre for new beginnings, built on strong foundations.